Friday, March 19, 2010

Why Another Scotch Blog?

In short: because none of the other Scotch blogs post my notes.

Now, I won't pretend my review notes are any more authoritative or worthy than anyone else's.  If anything, they are less authoritative and less worthy.  After all, I am only a few years removed from my days of drinking liquor that comes in plastic bottles. And whereas a professional drinker will find "orange, nectarine, lemon peel, [and] hints of pineapple", I'll be lucky to find "some fruit notes".  But honestly, I am a bit skeptical of such professional reviews anyway.  "Lemon peels", as opposed to just lemons or some vague citrus character?  Really? 

But nevertheless, I like whisky and like writing about whisky that I like.  These notes are, first and foremost, for my own future use.  So far, I've been writing review notes on pieces of paper and making a nice little stack of them tucked away in a folder.  Pretty lame.  So now I'll post them here.

I'll also try to have some fun.  Now, I know that drinking Scotch whisky is Really Serious Business, deserving of all the sternness and gravitas of a lecture on twentieth century military conflicts.  This is the impression I get from most Scotch blogs, anyway.  If you are offended by a poke of fun or occasional sarcastic remark, I'd recommend you keep to those blogs.

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  1. I like your attitude. :-) I also like the fact that you feature some serious Islay malts on the header (as well as my favourite Talisker).

    Working our way through the 130 malt offerings in our choice of pubs on Skye