Friday, April 23, 2010

Review: Springbank 10

Springbank 10
Price: $50-$60
Strength: 46 %

I have one word underlined in my notes on Springbank, and I am pretty proud of it.  It is thus: grassy.  In all of the Springbanks I have had (about four different bottlings), there seems to be a distillery characteristic that always come through, and it is this salty grass flavor.  Springbank 10 exhibits this more than any of the other Springbanks.  However, Springbank 10 is hugely complex and offers many other big flavors: caramel, smoke, small but discernible peat, heather, and rich fruit notes from a moderate sherry influence.  None of the flavors dominate the others, but at times the combination may seem "too complex" or out of balance.

With all of the flavors in Springbank, I would put it with Highland Park 12 as a great "all-rounder" that showcases a bit of everything.  I like the nose and palate of Springbank better, but I like the finish of Highland Park better.  The Springbank 10 finish is medium length but a little on the bitter side (perhaps too much of that grass flavor).  Bottled at 46 % and non chill-filtered, Springbank 10 seems richer than most of its chill-filtered 10-year-old brethren.  89 points (B+).

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