Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Scotch on the Rocks

I drink my whisky either neat or with a splash of water.  In my opinion, dropping a few ice cubes in your Glencairn ought to be a gasp-inducing faux pas; the whisky equivalent of ordering a chili dog at a fancy bistro.*  I was therefore highly appreciative of a gift I recently received from my cousin-in-law, shown in my drink below.

Those are soapstone rocks, especially useful for keeping a drink cool without diluting it or otherwise altering its flavor.  The stones came in a pack of nine, and the box instructed to let them freeze for four hours before use.

I am impressed with the stones.  They keep the liquid cool but not overly cold like ice can (which would numb the tongue to some of the whisky's flavors).  In fact, I thought the stones brought out the best of the Glenlivet 12 I tried them with, which seemed just a little smoother and tastier than usual.  The stones are fashionable too.  Highly recommended!

* Okay, feel free to kill your Dewar's or Famous Grouse with as much as ice as you want.

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