Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review: Macallan 12

Macallan 12
Price: $40-$50
Strength: 43%

Sorry, "The" Macallan.  The Macallan is one of the largest names in single malts and is best known for its core line of whiskies aged in ex-sherry casks.  The 12-year-old is a true sherry monster, and the nose of harsh apricot cough syrup can be quite off-putting.  The palate piles on more dried fruit (prunes and raisins), mixed in with winter spices and set over a medicinal base.  Oak notes burst through in the decent finish.

The Macallan 12 is like the Ledaig 10 of sherried malts; one only sherry fans will appreciate.  On my first dram I remember wondering if I had a bottle from a bad batch, but by my second dram the unique flavor of medicinal dried fruits grew on me.  86 points (B).

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  1. Revisiting the Macallan 12 thanks to a gift from my brother, and it's been a pleasant experience. It's been long enough since I've had a dram, it was like trying it all over again...a reminder of what got me truly loving sherry monsters.

    I must have tried some of their other expressions, I think they have a 15 and possibly 18? But the only ones that stand out are the Fine Oak 10 at our potluck gathering in the Fall, and the cask strength at one of the WAGG/WW events. Peculiar, but Macallan sits in a weird spot for me...I hold them in high regard, love their whiskies, yet rarely find myself purchasing anything from them.

    A nice revisit, still a great dram!