Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sherry: Good for Whisky Casks and Cooking

But not so much for drinking.  I was naturally curious, after tasting several "sherried" whiskies, what actual sherry tastes like.  The answer: like a bottle of cabernet sauvignon with a rotted cork fallen in.

Shown here: Dry Sack Oloroso sherry on the left, Macallan 12 on the right.  They are close to the same color.

Thankfully, whisky seems to pick up the better aspects of the fortified wine.  Whisky aged in sherry casks tend to gain rich dried fruit notes and often winter spices that I do not detect at all in the sherry.  Though I generally prefer peated whiskies, I am glad there must be people out there who drink enough sherry to keep a supply of casks flowing to Scotland.  As for the rest of my sherry bottle, it's staying in the kitchen.

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