Sunday, June 20, 2010

Review: Clynelish 14

Clynelish 14
Price: $45-$55
Strength: 46 %

Shown in my Father's Day flask!  

I want to like Clynelish 14.  It comes from a coastal highland distillery, is bottled at 46 %, and has a great texture.  Although I don't see anything on the bottle about being non-chill-filtered, it tastes like it must be (and I just looked on Royal Mile Whiskies, and in fact it is non-chill-filtered).  The nose reveals the soft maritime flavor (mostly seashells) that defines the whisky, as well as unpleasant soapiness and hints of pepper.  In addition to the seaside flavor, the palate also presents strong maltiness and some amount of generic fruit.  The finish is crisp, zestful, and surprisingly rough for the whisky's age.  

There are some good components in Clynelish 14, but they do not balance out well.  In addition, the seaside character is completely lacking in peat or smoke.  The result is an interesting whisky that makes me want to reach for Bowmore.  83 points (B-).

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