Saturday, June 5, 2010

Review: Longrow CV

Longrow CV
Price: $50-$60
Strength: 46 %

"What is Longrow?" you may ask.  The answer: "Heavily peated Springbank."  Longrow is distilled at Springbank and even bears the Campbeltown distillery's name on the bottle.  As with most Springbankers, it is non chill-filtered and bottled at 46 %.  The CV stands for "curriculum vitae", which is pretentious Latin for "resume" (which in turn is pretentious French for "stuff I've done").

Longrow CV is a vatting of 6, 10, and 14 year-old malts, each aged in different types of casks (get why they call it CV?).  The nose offers intense peat that can compete with the best of an Islay.  The peat here though is more heathery and grassy than an Islay.  A good amount of smoke and  wine cask influence round out the drink, which is somewhere in between simple and complex.  The finish is fairly long and smoky.   As with any Springbank, a good amount of salty grass permeates all stages.  Longrow found an interesting way here to sell what is probably mostly 6-year-old whisky.  86 points (B).

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