Saturday, August 7, 2010

Review: Teacher's Highland Cream

Teacher's Highland Cream
Price: $15-$25
Strength: 43%

It's not usually a good sign when your whisky is aged in months instead of years.  Teacher's Highland Cream boasts of having been aged a full 36 months (which just also happens to be the minimum required to have "scotch whisky" allowed on the label).

But I really like this stuff!  A good mix of youthful malt, creamy vanilla, and peat.  The peat is a complementary element that adds depth without being overwhelming.  The whisky is surprisingly rich and full-bodied, considering it is a young blend.  The finish has some pepper and is a bit rough and hot, but of decent length and without a bad aftertaste.  I bought the giant 1.75 L bottle for $30, making this a great bottom-shelf bargain.  Maybe not what you'll pull out for you birthday, but great drinkability and a guilty pleasure.  78 points (C+).

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  1. I finally picked up a bottle of this, and I agree, for the price, a great bottle. I bet it would go well in a cup of tea.

  2. I seem to recall reading somewhere the Aged 36 Months statement is referring to the grain whisky component since it is the youngest whisky in the blend. It's why Johnnie Walker Blue doesn't carry an age statement even though it has the oldest whisky of the JW line. The young grain whisky would have brought the age statement down.

  3. I have owned a couple hundred different bottles of scotch, ranging from blends, vatted malts to single malts, and I always come back to Teacher's when I just want some 'comfort' scotch to tune out and watch sports, read a book or do nothing.

    Try a double pour with a teaspoon of distilled (or Brita filter) water. Calms it down. Tiny sips is the rule with this great blend.