Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Review: BenRiach Curiositas

BenRiach Curiositas
Price: $45-$55
Strength: 46 %

BenRiach produces one of the few peated speyside or highland malts (the only other I can think of is Ardmore).  The peat is strong on the nose, but one can also pick out more traditional speyside notes: honey, clover, and heather.  The whisky is malty and thick, with strong, competing flavors.  Curiositas is not particularly well-balanced between the peat and heather (as compared to a Highland Park), but it is an interesting drink, particularly as a sort of throwback to when speysiders were peated.  The finish is smoky and coats the throat with a burnt honey flavor.  Good effort, but lets leave the peating to the islanders.  84 points (B).

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