Monday, December 6, 2010

Review: The Black Grouse

The Black Grouse
Price: $25-$35
Strength: 40%
Newly available in the United States, this expression of Famous Grouse reportedly contains some portion of peated malts.  I have trouble picking out the peat, but maybe my peat-meter has been irreparably impaired by large doses of Ardbeg.  Still, as with Johnnie Walker Black, I pick up a certain "mustiness" which I suspect owes to the peated component.

Black Grouse is superior to Famous Grouse in all respects.  The nose gives vanilla and wood on top of the regular Grouse Macallan-influenced apricot.  Black Grouse is smooth from beginning to end and unlike Famous Grouse has a nice finish with particularly pleasant wood notes.  A delightful little blend, but as a blend lacks the potency of flavor or richness I usually appreciate in single malt whisky.  82 points (B-).

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