Monday, December 13, 2010

Review: Bowmore Tempest 10

Bowmore Tempest 10
Price: $85-$95
Strength: 56 %

Bowmore is one of those distilleries that is not on my short list of favorites, yet still I end up buying bottle after bottle.  I think the reason is that there is so much potential in this Islay spirit with its medium level of peat, unique floral character, and seaside influence.  I was intrigued to see what a non chill-filtered and cask strength young Bowmore would be like, so I gladly jumped at the chance to run to my favorite liquor store and overpay for this expression.

Some peat and smoke greet the nose, but these do not dominate and mix well with zesty citrus, malt, and flowers (which here is a little soapy).  The palate is dominated by the zesty fruit notes: lemon and orange.  The bottle package tried to impress that this "Batch 2" is even smokier and peatier than "Batch 1", but it almost tastes unpeated to me.  The whisky's youth becomes evident in the finish, which is pleasant enough but a little malty.  86 points (B).  

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