Monday, December 20, 2010

Review: Laphroaig 18

Laphroaig 18
Price: $70-$150
Strength: 48%

When Laphroaig replaced their core 15-year-old expression with this, I was excited.  Aged over three more years, kicked up ABV, and non chill-filtered.  And of course, a doubling in price up to the $150 range.  I expected this to be the Best. Whisky. Ever.  

So it didn't quite live up to those expectations, but it is still a fine (if over-priced) drop.  Surprisingly mellow and restrained for a Laphroaig, the peat plays only a minor role in this drink.  Creamy vanilla and oak take front-stage, and on the nose one is reminded of pudding or custard.  Really there is only a hint of peat on the nose (okay, a strong hint).  In the mouth, Laphroaig 18 has good texture but not much flavor.  Perhaps a touch herbal (mint?), but mostly vanilla and oak.  This whisky is a lot like tea.  A decent amount of peat finally pops through on the finish, which is nice and long, though a touch bitter.

Smooth, refined, and gentle.  Which is really good, but not what I was hoping for from Laphroaig.  Give me some more peat, or at least some sherry casks in there.  90 points (A-).  

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