Saturday, December 18, 2010

Review: Sprinkbank Madeira 11

Sprinkbank Madeira 11
Price: $80-$90
Strength: 55.1 %

Springbank Madeira 11 is one of the "wood expressions" of Springbank.  These might be hit-or-miss, as perhaps the worst single malt whisky I've ever tasted is the Tokaji "wood expression" of Longrow.  The Madeira expression, though, is pretty good.  The whisky was not finished in Madeira casks but rather aged exclusively in Madeira casks.  The result is a pleasant influence in the drink of wine and fruit notes.  These do not overpower but rather integrate fairly well into the regular Springbank notes (grass, some peat, salt water taffy).  However, these regular notes are not nearly so "big" as they are in the official 10-year-old expression, and the whisky is not nearly so rich as the official 15-year-old.  87 points (B+).

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