Sunday, January 16, 2011

Review: Lagavulin Distiller's Edition

Lagavulin Distiller's Edition
Price: $100-$110
Strength: 43 %

Before I discovered the world of cask strength, non chill-filtered whisky, Lagavulin DE would have been a surefire A or A+.  It has great complexity and balance between peat and sherry, a long finish, and an overall refinement from 17 years in the cask.  However, I'm now used to the mouth-coating effect of most natural whiskies, and the result is that the DE, chill-filtered and bottled at a paltry 43 %, just doesn't feel that "big".  The body is a little thin, and thewhisky tastes a little diluted, especially when compared with the monster 12-year-old.

Still, there is a lot to love.  The peat is strongest on the nose, which also reveals sweet fruit notes.  The sherry casks mute the peat on the palate a bit and contribute cherry cough syrup flavor.  The peat and sherry actually balance pretty well though and produce a sort of caramel butteriness.  The long, pleasant finish lingers and leaves salty ashes.  92 points (A-).

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  1. This one sounds interesting, though I'm with you on the superior mouth feel of non-chill filtered and cask strength malts.

    Does Lagavulin have a 16? I know I've had something from them before, I just can't remember the age, and it definitely wasn't the 12. It was the first time I'd really experienced sweetness balancing with smoke, which was interesting. A lot of drams later, I think it pales in comparison with the Laphraoig quarter cask, but still, I found it pretty good.

  2. Lagavulin 16 is a great bottle (you might remember that we toasted you at your wedding with this). The Lag 16 is also chill-filtered and bottled at 43 %, but it is a good introduction to the world of peat monsters, as it is well balanced. I'd probably give it 90 points or so.

  3. That's right, that was the Lagavulin 16 at my wedding, that had somehow slipped my mind.

    Which leads me to wonder, what did I try a few years ago that I am misremembering as Lagavulin? If only I had kept better notes tended to be kind of sporadic and scattered then. Actually, they're still pretty scattered, but at least I'm consistent about taking notes nowadays.

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