Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: Springbank 15

Springbank 15
Price: $90-$100
Strength: 46 %

Springbank 15 is a taster's delight with its mish-mash of strong flavors.  I usually agonize over what notes to assign a whisky, but here they jump out: sherry, salt, grass, cocoa, fruitcake, raisins, nougat.  I'd especially emphasize the cocoa note which makes the palate surprisingly dry for a sherry monster such as this.    Throw in some more Christmas flavors: marzipan, mince meat, nutmeg.  The whisky is non chill-filtered and rich, but as with the 10-year-old expression, the finish is a little grassy.  A little smoke, but not as much as the 10, and any peat influence is negligible.  Overall, a great, complex whisky with big flavors, though I would give the edge to its younger sibling in terms of value for price.  93 points (A-).      

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  1. This is on my "must-try" list for WAGG. I've had the 10, and liked it, and have been wanting to try the 15.

    I'm especially intrigued by the cocoa notes; I don't think I've come across that before.

  2. I actually gave you a sample of Springbank 15 last year before WAGG 2010. I thought you had said you were kind of "meh" on the 10?

  3. Huh, I need to start taking better notes! Now that you mention it, I remember trying it, but not what I thought of it.

    I was kind of "meh" on the 10, mostly because of the smoke. I wasn't in much of a smoky mood when I had a bottle of the 10, though I've been sort of craving smoke lately. I'd like to revisit Springbank overall, I think.