Sunday, February 6, 2011

Review: Talisker 25

Talisker 25
Price: $200-$220
Strength: 57.2 %

This bottle represents the best whisky deal I've found, when I stumbled upon the bottle for $90 at Warehouse Wines & Spirits in New York City.  Talisker has one of my favorite distillery profiles of caramel, peat, and black pepper, and the regular 10 and 18 year-old bottlings are both excellent expressions.  The 25 is a reasonable extrapolation from the 10 and 18: stronger wood influence, refinement from age, and mellowed pepper kick.  A little smoke on the nose, but mostly antique oak and peat (the caramel notes in the younger expressions seem to be pushed out by the much stronger wood).  The oak is just the right amount and blends well with the peat and pepper on the palate.  You don't get the same "kick" as you do with the 10 or 18, but the palate is still big and fills the mouth.  The finish is nice but not as long and lingering as the younger Taliskers.  The fact that the 25 is bottled at cask strength and non chill-filtered gives it an edge over the 18.  95 points (A).

Lastly, a note of appreciation.  It is nothing less than fantastic that I can sit in my snowed-in log cabin in New Hampshire and enjoy a whisky that was cask aged for 25 years in Scotland.  God bless the whisky craftsmen, businessmen, drinkers, and everyone involved in the process* that culminates in the exchange of a little hard-earned money for such wonderful liquid.

Excepting those fascist overseers of the New Hampshire Liquor Commission and bureaucratic rats everywhere doing their best to stifle the free exchange of the market with their taxes and regulations.  Screw them.

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  1. I walked into Wine Warehouse this past Saturday, and the Talisker 25 is still selling @ $89. As you said, it is unbelievable value.
    I suggest stock up before they are all gone.