Monday, March 28, 2011

Review: Lombard Tidal Ebb

Lombard Tidal Ebb
Price:  $25-$35
Strength:  40 %

The nose is pure medicinal southern Islay: peat, smoke, brine, and rubber.  Youthful and malty, and despite the strong flavors a little watery.  That's all good and about what one hopes for in a $25 vatted Islay malt.  At a tasting, I had tried another Lombard cheapy vatted malt, Smoking Ember, and found it smoky with a good amount of peat.  They were not offering Tidal Ebb but I took a flier on it anyway.

I wish they had offered it so that I could have been saved $25.  While the nose is fine, the whisky goes bad in the mouth.  There is an intense dry soapy metallic flavor to it, like sucking on a rusty screw you coated in Ivory bar soap.  And now the nose is ruined too, like how once you watch the behind-the-scenes special of Lord of the Rings you notice every scene where they use forced perspective or the back of a midget.  The finish of Tidal Ebb is eventually helped (but not saved) with some sweet peat notes.

Lombard does not say what distillery is the dominant one here, but to my tongue it tastes like 3-year-old Laphroaig gone bad.  55 points (F). *

* Despite the grade, I am not actually going to pour this down the drain.  I'll drink it and like it, goddammit.  

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  1. Hmmm, a thought. Why not try it mixed in a sweet, malty cup of tea (not anything smoky, that would probably be too much smoke)? The tea might undercut some of the youthfullness, and the sweet might provide some balance.

  2. I wish I'd read this review. I bought a bottle of this on a whim and to me it tastes like rubber on asphalt. Even watered down. I *might* throw my bottle out. This is what I get for branching out.

  3. This. Is. Dreadful. I WILL be pouring it down the drain. Also wish I'd read this review before I bought it. Tastes like plastic to me.