Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review: Isle of Jura Prophecy

Isle of Jura Prophecy
Price:  $60-$70
Strength:  46 %

The characteristic flavor of Jura is butter.  Now this is a dangerous flavor, as every adventurous six-year-old comes to know.  A thick layer on your dinner roll: good.  A full bite from a stick when Mom's not in the kitchen: surprisingly bad.  With Jura, I've felt their unpeated expressions to be a bit too close to licking a stick of butter, but their Superstition expression introduces enough peat and sea to balance it all nicely.  

Prophecy is another example of the Jura butter well balanced with peat and other notes.  The peat is stronger here than Superstition and almost (but not quite) pushes the whisky into "heavily peated" status.

The peat style has some sea and iodine, making it like an attenuated Laphroaig peat.  Plenty of smoke and wood on the nose as well.  The whisky is rich with cinnamon stick and reminds me of a good spiced rum, and the finish is a touch hot and short.  The total effect of the peat, butter, and spices is that the whisky tastes like a smoky hot buttered rum (but in a good way).  89 points (B+).      

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