Sunday, January 29, 2012

Review: Port Charlotte 7

Port Charlotte 7
Price: $90-$130
Strength: 61 %

Port Charlotte is Bruichladdich's lovely series of highly-peated, cask strength whiskies.  All of the Port Charlottes originate from the same distillation, so each year's vintage represents a dwindling of the stocks.  The idea is that you can track the whisky's progress through the years of maturation, starting with Port Charlotte 5.  They are now up to Port Charlotte 9 (as of Jan 2012), and I believe the planned final product will be Port Charlotte 10.

Port Charlotte 7 may be the meatiest whisky ever: sizzling maple bacon, pork chops, glazed ham with orange clove sauce, hickory smoke barbecue sauce.  A big, big whisky that grows in the mouth, turning dirty and smoky.  A bit thick at just 7 years old, but a nice sticky mouth-feel and incredibly huge flavor.  Big, lingering finish.  A dram of this whisky is a little like what I imagine dinner for a fat, eighteenth century English nobleman was like (minus the fowl).

The Port Charlottes are highly boutique, so don't expect to find them at your corner "Chubby's Package Store."  Expensive too, so I recommend seeking these out at whisky tastings.  Just make sure they are among the last whiskies you try.  96 points (A).

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