Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: Port Charlotte An Turas Mor

Port Charlotte An Turas Mor
Price: $60-$70
Strength: 46 %


Port Charlotte is Bruichladdich's line of highly peated whiskies, which heretofore have been issued as cask strength vintages.  An Turas Mor is a vatting of multiple years and is bottled at reduced strength (though still a respectable 46 %) and as with all Bruichladdich, non chill-filtered.

The nose offers some strong peat and smoke, but it is also malty, yeasty, and slightly vegetal.  The flavor is fairly pleasant, though less complex than I am used to with highly-peated Bruichladdich.  Usually I find lots of big meaty notes, but the peat here is a little subdued behind the thick malt and gets as much from the crisper drawer as the meat drawer.  Sweet malt, ham fat, aging lettuce, sour dough.  The finish is short but has a little pepper kick.

Even though it is a vatting of various years, An Turas Mor comes off very youthful.   Was there a Port Charlotte 3 I never heard about?  Also, the whisky just lacks the "bigness" of the cask strength Port Charlottes I've tasted.  This dilution is most striking on the finish.  Given the price tag on this whisky and the benchmark of the regular Port Charlottes, this whisky was a disappointment.  An enjoyable young Islay dram, but the Laddies should have kept the whisky in the barrel for a different day.  82 points (B-).

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  1. The Laddie 10 was pretty damn good, and I'm thinking I should spend some time with Bruichladdie. I recall trying the PC 6 and 7 (I think) a few years back, but remember pretty much nothing other than "smoke."