Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: Kilchoman Spring 2011

Kilchoman Spring 2011
Price: $60-$70
Strength: 46 %
The last (and reportedly final) of the seasonal releases is a vatting of 3-year-old and 4-year-old Bourbon casks, finished for a few weeks in sherry casks.  The sherry plays a discernible role on the nose, adding a touch of fresh cherries to the powerful peat and deep smoke.  The sherry influence is really just a flirt in this whisky but it really rounds it out well.  As with the previous Kilchoman seasonal releases, the flavor is dominated by malty, greasy, beautiful farm-yard peat.  The barley is peated to the same spec as those whiskies as well as Ardbeg, or so I heard at a whisky tasting, but the sherry restrains it a bit.  The sherry extends the finish and gives it some rich flavor.  This is my favorite of the seasonal releases.  91 points (A-).

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  1. We were told at a tasting the same thing, that it was peated to a 50ppm level. I actually think that the inclusion of a sherry finish makes this not taste as good as the other seasonal releases. You no longer get that "liquid smoke" taste that you did with the Winter 2010. I'm interested in seeing what Kilchoman does next but, I really hope they continue to produce a 3yo as it's a fantastic whisky.