Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: Bunnahabhain 18

Bunnahabhain 18
Price: $90-$100
Strength: 46.3%

Occasionally the New Hampshire State Liquor stores ridiculously under-price a Scotch.  My theory is that someone on the liquor commission has Scotch-drinking friends and hooks them up, since usually these are "one-time buys" that are in stock for only a few weeks.  Of course, since I regularly monitor the store's offerings, I get hooked up too.  One such stroke of fortune was the Bunny 18, which wine searcher shows at averaging around $100 but which the NH stores briefly sold for $65.

The color and nose both suggest rich, deep sherry and oak.  The sherry and oak are in good balance, and the nose is like what I imagine chewing on an old sherry cask is like.  Bunnahabhain 18 is a nice progression from the delightful 12-year-old expression, with the same core character of spicy ocean-tinged sherry.  As one would expect, the 18-year-old is richer and heavier on the sherry and wood, whereas the 12-year-old is livelier and heavier on the ocean character.  The finish is woody and pleasant, though slightly bitter from the oak.  Overall a very "old" feeling Scotch.

I gave Oban 18 a few extra points for what I thought was a unique mix of sea with antiquey wood and sherry.  Now I want to take those points back and award them to Bunnahabhain 18, which does the same thing but in a richer, bigger way.  94 points (A).

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